With a sale price of $10 per sign, $4 goes back into our community to help with current needs.

To date, over $2,400 has been raised and your donations continue to support the following organizations:

  • Kids Food Basket
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids - books purchased through their partner and local business, Schuler Books
  • Family Promise
  • Pentwater Food Pantry
  • Food Pantry of Quincy, MI

To receive information to purchase your sign, please submit your information below. If you have interest in purchasing larger quantities of signs or pursue your own fundraiser, please include a comment below. Your information is being sent to Tamara Christians and will only be used for this purpose.

Thank you for your interest in supporting our community through these difficult times!

1111 Idema Dr SE

East Grand Rapids, MI 49506

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Acknowledging those who serve...

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What started out as an idea to thank local hospital workers driving to and from work has grown to a much larger scale. With artwork provided local graphic designer Colleen Springer Kanaan and print production provided by Print Metro, a  visual "Thank You" was created and we now have almost 600 signs displayed throughout the state of Michigan!